Investments and
Portfolio Analysis

Construct an investment portfolio that matches your needs

How Can Investment & Portfolio
Analysis Benefit Me?​

Are you ready to put your money to work? Constructing an investment portfolio that matches your income needs, growth objectives and risk tolerance is a great way to increase your wealth in the long-term and achieve a secure future for yourself and your family. At ATA Financial, our investment and portfolio analysis services are designed to help you do just that – grow and protect your nest egg, expand your net worth and achieve financial freedom sooner than you thought was possible.

Investments that Reflect Your Values

If you’re brand new to investment, building your own portfolio of stocks and bonds is a great way to put your money to work and generate additional annual income for the rest of your life. When you invest, you’re not just hiding money in a mattress, you’re supporting a business – and you can have a say in the kind of business that you choose to support. In addition to securing your future financially, you can use your capital to invest in industries that align with your personal and individual values. Whether that means gold mining or green energy, the choice is yours.

You can choose to invest in companies that align with your family or personal values, those with a history of maintaining fair and equitable relationships with unions and employees, or equal opportunity employers with a strong track record of promoting diversity and civil liberties.

The Key to Investment Success?
Balancing Risk and Reward

Now that we’re talking about nest eggs, have you heard the first and most important rule to investing?

Never put all your eggs in one basket.

Let’s imagine that you have $100 to invest and thousands of potential investments to choose from. If you invest the whole $100 in just one company, you expose yourself to a lot of risk. If that company goes bankrupt, you’ll lose everything! A much better strategy is to invest $1 each into 100 different companies. This spreads out the risk between $100 different companies, so if one of them goes out of business, you’ve still got plenty of money invested in the market.

To further help mitigate the risk, you could invest half the money into stocks and the other half into bonds with guaranteed returns. If you’re a little less risk tolerant, you could invest less in stocks and even more into investments with guaranteed returns. Investing in a mix of assets to maximize growth potential while limiting risk is called balancing & diversifying your portfolio.

Ultimately, the key to investing successfully is finding a balance between risk and reward that gives you the opportunity to achieve high rates of return while limiting your exposure to fluctuations in the market. Your ability to tolerate risk can depend on how close you are to retirement age, current market conditions and even your personal temperament.

Investments and Portfolio
Planning for Young Families

Is it too early to start investing for your future? Not a chance. The earlier you start, the more you and your family can benefit from the power of compound interest to multiply your money. Albert Einstein once said of compound interest that “He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays it.”

To maximize your lifetime investment earnings, it is crucial that you start investing as early as possible to take advantage of compounding interest throughout your life. Even a small amount invested early in life can have a huge impact down the road, especially when given decades to grow.

Assuming a 7% rate of return, an investment of $5,000 doubles in value after 10 years. After 20 years, the original investment would have quadrupled to $20,000. Given 40 years to grow, $5000 grows to $80,000! That’s why it’s important to start investing early and use the power of compound interest to help grow your wealth massively in the long term.

Frequently Asked Questions about Investments & Portfolio Analysis in Saskatchewan

This is a very common question. If you’re getting closer to retirement, you may want to withdraw from your investment accounts to fund travel or other expenses. In general, as you get older, you should progressively rebalance your portfolio to include more guaranteed and fixed income assets and reduce your investments in riskier stocks or companies. Maintaining a balanced portfolio is a specialized skill that requires extensive research and knowledge of financial markets, which is why most people get help from financial planners.

With interest rates low as they are, it simply does not make sense to keep money in a savings account. Inflation and cost-of-living increases erode your spending power catastrophically over time when you don’t put your money to work for you. Many types of investments are risk-free, meaning that they provide guaranteed returns. Some stock investments offer regular payments to shareholders called dividends that can top-up your existing income. If you’re sensitive to risk, these all represent conservative options for getting started with investing.

Our Process

Our approach to Investments and Portfolio Analysis​ is easy.


We work to understand your financial goals and objectives, along with your unique life circumstances, relationships and values.



We conduct a thorough portfolio analysis of your current investments, identifying opportunities to improve resource allocation, mitigate risk and strengthen your position in the marketplace.



We create a custom-tailored investment strategy that helps you achieve investment success and reach your financial goals.


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